A Dose of Maria

Big Eyes!

Things are fun right now! Maria finds something new every day!  She’s still not crawling, but getting close!

On Friday she realized she can wiggle away from a diaper changing and now rolls from back to tummy. She has never done this before and never seemed to fond of hanging out on her tummy until the last couple days. We think she’s figured out the link between tummy time and crawling!

Today, Chad was heading out to run an errand and said “Bye Bye” and waved. And Maria waved back!  And she waved several times through out the day!  The best was when she was watching us in her 3″ mirror on her exersaucer and we waved at her! She turned to look at us and waved back!  Makes your heart melt!

Bath time is more fun every time! As soon as she realizes the water is running she gets so excited! She wants to get in right away! And kicks before her feet are in the water, which makes it hard to get her in her bath chair!

She is truly a joy!

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