Shopping Challenge

If you like to shop, this challenge is for you!

Earlier this week, I found out what my next contract will be.  I’m really excited about it – excited about the team, about the responsibilities, and that it’s a 32 hour week.

One issue though – the company has a dress code!  A corporate dress code.

Suits, blazers, collared shirts… all things I really don’t have! I have one suit and the pants don’t fit me well! I’m not back to where I was, pre-pregnancy. And even if I was, I’d still have this problem! I’ve never had to wear suits or business wear except for interviewing, and with that I’ve managed with my one suit and my knowledge of the company’s dress code.

I’m off today to the MOA.  (It’s actually close to my house, and they have a LOT of different stores) It’s tough because I’m starting from scratch really. Do I go all out and buy nice stuff that I’ll like for a long time, but will totally dent my checking account? Or do I buy some less expensive stuff that I may not like as much in a few months?  Help!

Oh, AND this job is at a major retailer headquarters. People are trendy!

My plan of attack at the MOA: H&M, New York & Company, The Limited, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, DSW, Ann Taylor, maybe Macy’s and Nordstroms?

Any suggestions on my plan of attack (I doubt today will be my only shopping day!).

Stores I should check out? or avoid?

Or do you have any favorite things I could check out online???

If you can help a new mom find her way back into well-fitted professional clothes, I would be eternally grateful, and shower you with thanks and praise, including recipes, pictures of Maria, and much much more!

One thought on “Shopping Challenge

  1. You’ve probably already gone, but I would recommend Macy’s. Keep an eye out for sales – they have cute suits that are not “trendy” so you will look great and not have to worry about being out of style. Then, you can supplement with a trendy shirt; trendy suit; or the accessory of the moment (you know me…style maven that I am…I stick with the black suits and shells – on occasion I will break out a navy blue pinstripe…watch out!).

    Also – if you find a shirt/shell you like – buy as many colors as you can. You can go a couple seasons without finding something else that works, so you can mix and match the shirts/shells with the same suits – that helps with the budget (and, heck, men can do that just by switching ties!)

    I’m a big fan of Jones New York, but that can get pricey. The Tahari hold up well.

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