Shopping Parts 1 & 2

I didn’t get out to the mall until after 1 on Friday, but I did get some power shopping done!

1 suit at The Limited,  2 button down shirts.  Buy a Jacket, get the pants for free. Plus an extra $30 off with my coupon. And one shirt was from the clearance rack. Nice! (plus they were so helpful, and just offered to go around the store and find things for me to try on, yes please!)

1 suit at H&M, and one pair of pants. Yes not super fancy, but they fit well and are cheap. They’ll do!

About 6 button downs and a sweater at New York & Co.

Topped off with a pair of shoes off the clearance rack at DSW!  (Heels, Karin you’d be proud of me!)

So that was Friday.

Saturday, I had to go out in the weather to get a drug test for this new position, so decided to stop at Southdale, because Chad’s boss had told him about a sale at Ann Taylor.

First, I stopped at Macy’s. Found 3 shirts in “The Oval Room”. Boy, did I feel out of place there, but 2 of the shirts were 75% off, and the other was 15% off. Good deals!

Then Marshalls. I have no idea why Marshalls in Southdale is so much nicer than any other Marshalls I’ve ever been to. Must be for the Edina customers!  I tried on lots, but only ended up with a pair of shoes.  (Again heels, in a sassy gray!)

Then to Ann Taylor, where I got another suit. The sale was half off a jacket when you buy the pants.  The best part was that the size 6 fit me perfectly!

Oh, I might head out again this weekend, who knows.  But I feel like I have a good base for starting now at least!

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