The Weekend

This weekend was much much much more relaxing than last!

Last night I actually made a lunch for today, ironed my clothes, and watched a bit of the Oscars.  And vacuumed my floors.  Talk about a feel good ending to a weekend! 🙂

Friday I had the day to do errands. I went to the doctor, returned some things at the mall, got a new cell phone, and made an appointment for Maria’s 9 month appointment.

Saturday, I ran some more errands and shopped. I was looking for an outfit for Maria’s pictures next week and checking out some sales (Maria napped for Chad at home while I was out, so he got some good down time too!)

Saturday afternoon, we headed east (to the eastern suburbs).  We visited my sister-in-law’s and 4 of the 5 cousins!

Yesterday, we didn’t do much, besides clean up and a quick trip to the grocery store for water softener salt! Yep, definitely getting old!

One thought on “The Weekend

  1. Jane – I am right with you in “getting old”! Just this morning in the shower I was thinking, “Hmmm…I wonder if we need to add more salt to the water softener”!!!

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