Illness again…

Maria is fighting off a cold again. She and I slept much of last night in the lazyboy.  She went to daycare this morning, but I asked them to call if she didn’t nap, which she didn’t. So I came home. The earliest we could get in at the doctor was 7 pm.  Of course they didn’t find anything wrong.  Good and bad… sometimes you just want a medicine that can fix it!

She and I went to the MOA today to walk. I knew she wouldn’t nap and would be fussy at home. But she likes her stroller. I didn’t buy anything, we just walked and looked.  She didn’t sleep long in her stroller, but at least she was able to just hang out and relax! And I got out of the house.

She is definitely getting more mobile. Here are some pictures from the weekend, and the one with the red cheeks is this afternoon!




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