Sunday Blogging Catch-Up, Part 2 (Try Again)

OK. Maria is still up, but rocking with Chad and watching Family Guy! We think she’s teething. She has been fussy ALL day, and cried out in her sleep several times last night. At one point the only thing that soothed her was some frozen peas in her mesh feeder, which she just clamped in her mouth and it dangled there while she watched Baby Einstein.

So on to my update:

Last week, Maria began to crawl. Kara told us she was crawling on Monday, Lisa said she was crawling on Tuesday, but we didn’t actually see her crawl until Wednesday night. She was a little shaky at first, but now she is out there and even venturing onto the hard floor to get where she wants to go! Friday I got the cabinets under the kitchen sink baby-proofed. It’s a start!


that’s a smile, don’t let her fool you!

Friday night I went scrapbooking at Krista’s. I decided to do 3 books for Maria. A Birthday book, Christmas Book, and a book for her portraits. I got her birthday book started. I figured I should get that done, before her birthday, so I’m not behind a whole year!

Saturday, Chad and I cleaned! Yeah! Our house looks great! Especially with a crawling baby, we knew we needed to get things cleaned up! Chad’s parents came over last night for dinner. They had been sick the last couple weeks, so they hadn’t seen Maria for 3 weeks. That’s a record for them! They stayed with Maria while we went to U23D at the Imax. It was great! I had never been to a 3D movie before, so that was pretty cool. It was like Bono was standing right in front of you!

Today, we relaxed. Maria and I went to ToysRUs to look for a toybox. We found one, but then realized it wouldn’t fit in the car with the car seat. So we just got toys instead!

This afternoon I also finished her Easter Basket. It’s not perfect (the ruffles isn’t bunched equally all around, and there is a small “tuck” in the back at the top), but I still think it’s pretty cute! (Washable, and not bulky to store, which was very important!)


As for my 21 day list, I’m definitely behind, but managed to cross off 2, 7, 8, and the rest of 16.

  1. Catch up on Maria’s photo album (currently 3 months behind)
  2. Make Maria’s Easter basket (I have all the materials, just need to do it!)
  3. Lose 5 lbs (ongoing) – 1.4#s to go
  4. Move all my stuff from my old computer to our new computer
  5. Put up Baby gate
  6. Make shopping bag (again I have the material)
  7. Clean Kitchen floors and foyers (at least once over 3 weeks)
  8. Clean bathrooms (we have 3)
  9. Clean bathrooms (should be done at least twice over 3 weeks!)
  10. Laundry
  11. Laundry (again twice over 3 weeks)
  12. Hem grey pants
  13. Clean my closet
  14. Clean the fridge
  15. Clean foyer closet
  16. Baby proof electrical outlets and install fireplace cushions
  17. Pack up Maria’s Outgrown Clothes
  18. Clean out inside of car
  19. Fill a box of stuff for Goodwill
  20. TBD (Wild Card)
  21. TBD (Wild Card)

One thought on “Sunday Blogging Catch-Up, Part 2 (Try Again)

  1. argh, I think we’re dealing with teeth too. Crappy napping, very fussy, not sleep well at night. It’s been fun! heh I hope they come through quick for Maria!

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