Picture Post

Earlier this week we had nice weather. Nice enough to go out for a walk. This was Wednesday.


 Wednesday Night. Just playing.


This (Friday) Morning – This is our driveway. 2 hours prior to this picture, I blew about 4″ of snow off of the driveway! And it was still snowing at the time of the picture!

Daycare was closed today for the holiday, so I wasn’t going to work anyway. I was kind of relieved to know I didn’t have to commute in this mess today.


Since we were cooped up, Maria explored.  She found all of Daddy’s remotes in the amusement room. Mommy had to take her away from his “Guitars” a couple times too!


Seriously, she doesn’t seem to be having that much fun, but she didn’t like it when I took it away either!


Going to find Daddy’s Nascar game.  Who cares if Mommy’s laundry project is in the way!


I kept bringing her back here, but somehow this wasn’t enough today to keep her occupied!


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