21 Days: The Results

So I didn’t get through everything on my list. Not really even close, BUT I did get to some things that I probably wouldn’t have without the list! And I’m thinking maybe 20 and 21, could be doctor visits, because I think we’ve been to the doctor 3 times in those 21 days (plus once the night before I started this)!

I did get to the 5# mark last Saturday. Hopefully Easter won’t sidetrack my weightloss too bad for next week! It’s actually been fun to find clothes I fit into again in my closet! yeah!!!

  1. Catch up on Maria’s photo album (currently 3 months behind)
  2. Make Maria’s Easter basket (I have all the materials, just need to do it!)
  3. Lose 5 lbs (ongoing)
  4. Move all my stuff from my old computer to our new computer
  5. Put up Baby gate
  6. Make shopping bag (again I have the material)
  7. Clean Kitchen floors and foyers (at least once over 3 weeks)
  8. Clean bathrooms (we have 3)
  9. Clean bathrooms (should be done at least twice over 3 weeks!)
  10. Laundry
  11. Laundry (again twice over 3 weeks)
  12. Hem grey pants
  13. Clean my closet
  14. Clean the fridge
  15. Clean foyer closet
  16. Baby proof electrical outlets and install fireplace cushions
  17. Pack up Maria’s Outgrown Clothes
  18. Clean out inside of car
  19. Fill a box of stuff for Goodwill
  20. TBD (Wild Card)
  21. TBD (Wild Card)

One thought on “21 Days: The Results

  1. *grin* you and K make me feel like an under-achiever at times w/ the amounts of productivity the two of you put out 🙂

    btw – was chatting w/ her the other day about the aprons you made – they are really nice! i also love the various bags and other projects you’ve posted, nice work, Jane! As for my self, RTG’s arm warmers will get done (no hurry since he’s in the sandbox until October)!

    linko (k’s friend from dc)

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