Weekend Recap

Friday –

I worked until 2 to make up some hours for the month.  I had lunch with my manager from my previous contract and another co-worker. That was nice.  Stopped and signed Maria up for swimming lessons starting in a few weeks. Picked her up from daycare, and she and I hung out for the evening, while Daddy was out with the guys watching some basketball.

Saturday –

I went to my Weight Watcher’s meeting in the morning. I was down another 1.4 lbs even with the holiday weekend! (Yeah, Me!!).   Then I met Sarah and Nicole for lunch at Cafe Latté, where you order your desserts first. (Yum Turtle Cake – bye bye 1.4 lbs!). But then we did walk up Grand Avenue for a while doing some browsing.  Fun afternoon out with the girls!  I went home briefly before we woke Maria up from a deep sleep and long nap to go to a birthday party. Lauren turned 2 so there were Elmo cupcakes and lots of kids for Maria to play with!

Sunday –

Maria slept in until 8:30.  She was up late though the night before.  She and I hung out and played for awhile, then we headed out, so Daddy could have some time to himself today. We went to the Mall of America and did some shopping. Maria made out like a bandit! Of course, she didn’t fall asleep until checking out at the very last store! So I found some food and sat and let her get a quick nap in. We headed to my brother’s after that, of course she didn’t go back to sleep after I put her in the car.  Maria got a little bit of attention from her cousins, especially Beth who must have said ‘baby baby’ about 600 times!

Here is Maria with her cousins today – Maria and Beth (18 months) and Drew (7 1/2), Maria, and Katelyn (5)

maria-059.jpg maria-060.jpg

maria-061.jpg maria-062.jpg

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