Hoping for Teeth, but it was just a Stuffy Nose!

We were hoping it was teeth that was keeping us up last week, but now it’s just a cold. A stuffy nose, which wakes Maria up throughout the night. She also had a lot of goop in her eye, so she has eye drops. But despite being sick, she’s been in a pretty good mood. It’s just the sleeping that’s been hard!

Friday Maria and I stayed home all day. We didn’t even venture out to the mailbox! Maria napped for 3 hours in the afternoon, but then decided to stay way up past her bedtime!

Saturday was better. We cleaned and ran errands. Nothing to exciting. Maria was in bed by 8, I think.

Today was the final day of the Master’s, so Chad’s parents and his brother’s family came over. It was a good time. I made Italian Beef Sandwiches , Marinated Cucumbers, and Spicy Bean Salsa. Yummmm!

It was pretty chaotic with 3 kids here. Luke is just 4 months older than Maria, and hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, so their reaction to each other was very cute.

Some pictures from the weekend:



One thought on “Hoping for Teeth, but it was just a Stuffy Nose!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not getting any teeth out of the deal, lol! Maggie’s actually doing both- a cold AND teeth (finally poking through!) so that’s been fun. Snot and drool makes for a lovely combination 😉

    I hope Maria gets better soon!

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