Another Weekend and a Milestone!

On Friday morning, I went in to get Maria out of her crib, and found her standing up in it! She has finally figured out how to pull herself up to both feet on just about anything! Although getting down is not as easy for her, and she will often fuss for some help!

She also seems to be feeling much better! The 3 days of antibiotics seem to have gotten rid of the snotty nose that she’s had for about a month! Although now I think we may have gone a little backwards in our sleep routine. Since she wasn’t feeling well for so long and not sleeping real well, we’ve gotten in the habit of rocking her until she is almost fully asleep. I’m guessing today I spent about an hour and a half total rocking her for her naps and now tonight for sleep.

Karin was in town this weekend too. She and I met up at the MOA for some shopping on Friday. I got a suit and dress and Ann Taylor Loft. And some pants and shirts and NY & Company. All were good deals, so I like that! Oh, and some shoes at DSW! Good day!

Today, Karin, Tim, Heather, Travis, Colin, Finn, and Frenchy came over for brunch. I made egg bake and caramel rolls and fruit salad. Very good! All in all a nice weekend, except for the fact that I’m listening to screaming baby over the monitor right now… 😦

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