Maria’s First Set of Wheels

Maria was walking behind a walker when I picked her up at daycare, so then I realized it was time to get hers out of the toybox! She seems to like it!

She’s also been taking morning naps at daycare this week, which she hasn’t done for quite a while, but I’m sure all the extra moving around tires her out!

Also Kara told us, that another toddler at daycare has picked up Maria’s screaming habit! She likes to scream when she’s stuck or not feeling like she’s getting enough attention.

Here’s the video with her walker this evening. Sorry about the quality. For some reason I felt the need to turn the camera when filming and didn’t even realize when I went to watch it. So then I installed Pinnacle (finally) and realized that didn’t have a rotate feature. So then I figured out that Windows Movie Maker does, but is buggy with .avi on Vista, so I fired up the old computer then transferred the file to the new. COMPLICATED!

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