Beautiful Day!

Today was a beautiful day and I got to spend a good part of it outdoors!

This morning while Chad and his brother golfed, Maria and I hung out with my sister-in-law and Maria’s cousins! We went to Teddy Bear park in Stillwater. It was a beautiful day, and the whole park is artificial turf, so Maria got to crawl all over the place. She especially loved all the tunnels!

After we all were home, Maria hung out with Chad while I went out to clean off the screened in porch and furniture. Well that turned into me cleaning out all the landscaping in the yard (except for the dry creekbed on the side of the garage).  It was a very productive afternoon, although I’m exhausted!

Tomorrow I’m home as daycare is closed. It’s supposed to be another beautiful day, so Maria and I are hopefully going to meet Sarah and Lilah at the zoo! Hopefully I’ll remember my camera!

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