Last night I took Maria to the library. So I just put my cell phone and my wallet in the diaper bag and left my purse at home.   While out and about I had the cell phone out, and then in my pocket.

When I got home, I put the wallet back in my purse.

On the bus this morning thought to myself… “what did I do with my phone last night?”  Checked my purse and I could not find it.  Dang it… a day with no cell phone. Luckily Chad was in town so he could cover daycare emergencies… but seriously, no texting or mid-day phone calls to any of my girls?

Tonight, when I got home, I decided the easiest way to find my cell phone was to call it. I do remember turning the ringer on last night.

I followed that ring right to the very very bottom of my purse! I had it the whole time – dagnabbit! I could have texted today!!!


On another note, the Playtex Hip Hammock works great for carrying a 22# – 11 1/2 month old around at the library and then next door to K-mart…   best part about my hip hammock was that I found it gently used on Craigslist, so I paid only 1/2 the retail price.

One thought on “Phone-Less

  1. jane,

    seriously, is it really that bad without a cell phone for a day?

    you must think people like me are in the stone age–we don’t even have a cell (but a track phone for emergencies).

    maria is a cutie pie!

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