New Things

Maria will be a year old in 5 days!

Here is what is new with her:

  • Still LOVEs baths! And likes to bend over and drink the water.
  • Loves Roast Beef from Arby’s, and Spaghetti from Sbarro’s
  • Is obsessed with the phone. Chad was out of town last week a couple days, so I’d put it on speaker phone when he called and she’d wave at him. Now she just waves at the phone, and cries when no one talks to her from it.
  • Likes to use anything she can as a walker, including her high chair, and my dad’s walker.  (well it’s a walker, just not made for someone her size!)
  • Does not like carrots. In fact she gagged on one when she ate it tonight.
  • Knows where her tongue and toes (or piggies) are.  If you ask her where her tongue is, she’ll do the whole “pbbllllt” raspberry thing.
  • Stands on her tip toes. and then occasionally throws her leg to the side, like she’s going to start climbing. The crib has now been lowered to the very lowest position.
  • Loves being outside and pointing at trees and says “Ba”. Even being out on the screened in porch is fun for her!
  • Loves her bottles at night especially. (Not sure how weaning her off of those is going to go)
  • Loves other kids. We saw another playmate from daycare at Target and they just made eyes at each other the whole time I talked to his parents.  He is pretty cute!
  • Hates taking the time to get dressed or have a diaper changed. Especially when she can see her bookshelf full of books!

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