Maria’s Great Speech

Maria’s vocabulary is starting to exceed “Ba” and “baba” and even “el-blo”.

Yesterday, I was able to observe a couple minutes of her speaking to the backyard. I then picked up the camera, and she continued. Later, Part 2 was delivered at the back door. Today she continued, but wouldn’t perform with the camera.

Every time she is very impassioned. Her hand gestures drive home the point.  She will not back down and is adamant in what she is saying.  Unfortunately we don’t know the basis or message.  But here are parts 1 & 2 of Maria’s great speech.

Oh, and she loves watching this back. She usually talks back to the video. If only we had a translator. The video isn’t the highest quality, but the sound is what is key here…

Maria’s Great Speechhosted on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Maria’s Great Speech

  1. haha so funny! I love how they get soooo serious and really emphasize their points. What those points are, nobody really knows, but it’s fun to listen to 🙂 I find myself saying ‘REALLY?’ all day long.

  2. Ok – that is adorable. For some reason, I kept waiting for her to raise both arms and sing “Don’t cry for me Argentina….” 🙂

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