Cuddles and Tears

There is nothing sweeter than when Maria settles down after 3 books and just cuddles into me. I just usually lay her soft lovey across my shoulder and say “sleepy time” and she cuddles right in.

Of course, these are the nights when she is so upset to be put in her crib. Even if she falls asleep, then waking up to being set down is so upsetting to her. I hate leaving her standing up crying in her crib. Of course, she is usually quite 30 seconds after I shut the door, but still it’s heart-breaking to leave her when she seems so upset.

The other nights are when she is restless and is shutting the book before I get through it. Then often she will pinch me and laugh in my face when I tell her “No”. Of course, those nights the transition to the crib often goes much more smoothly, even though we’ll hear her playing for up to 45 minutes after she goes down. Neither is easy, and I do love the cuddles. It’s the tears that really get me.

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