Weekend with Recurring Themes

Friday evening – We went over to Chad’s cousin’s house. Maria got to see her cousins and a 2nd cousin. Maria fell asleep in the car on her way home.

Wide awake for the car ride to Hudson.

Maria loved cousin Jack’s chair!

Maria and Uncle Chip

And she’s out!

Saturday late afternoon – We went to Chad’s brother’s house. Maria got to see the cousins again and 4 2nd cousins. Maria fell asleep in the car on her way home.

Maria and cousin Luke

The cousins and 2nd cousins:
Lauren, Annie (she was our flower girl), Luke, Jack, Nicole (who is carrying upcoming future 2nd cousin), Ellie, Maria, Jana

And she’s out!

Sunday midday – We went to my nephew’s birthday party. Maria got to see her other 3 cousins, plus their 2 cousins. Maria fell asleep on the way there! And came close on the way home too!

Just getting started… but she’s out!

Maria and Uncle Mike

Cousins and their cousins: Will, Katelyn, Elizabeth, Alison, Andrew, Maria

Maria and Grandma

Cousins Andrew, Katelyn, Elizabeth, and Maria – Grandma made all the girls outfits!

And she resisted the whole way home! Can you say over-tired!?

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