Water Fun

Maria started swimming lessons again tonight. (no pictures – cameras aren’t allowed until the last night).  We got there early, so we could get her used to the water in the zero-entry part of the pool.  She did not like it. She was a little spooked. Was interested in the other kids playing, but clung to me when she got close to the water herself.

Once the lessons started she was not much better. She just clung to me. She wasn’t always crying, but still not super happy.  Finally we got to the part where they had us sit them on the edge of the pool and have them “jump” in.  I don’t know if it was sitting next to the other kids, or seeing Mommy having fun in the pool, but she did a 180 and thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd half of the lesson. When it came to blowing bubbles, she put her face right in. Of course with her mouth open, like she does in the bath tub!  Hopefully next week, we can pick up where we left off!

Once home I gave her a bath.  We had a first too. I was a little slow to realize she was grunting, and when I picked her up, she had already done her dirty work. Oh well, it wasn’t much and easy enough to clean up… just a little gross… bet you’re thrilled that I shared! 🙂

One thought on “Water Fun

  1. Maggie was a bit hesitant in the pool on vacation last week, but by day 2 she was sticking her face in and trying to drink the water. hehe I’m actually thinking of starting Maggie in swimming lessons, I think it will help her not be so freaked out by it!

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