Weekend In Review

On Friday I was home with Maria as daycare was closed, and we were also getting a new air conditioner installed. It was a warm day, so I called Lisa and she brought Mallory and Mykaela over to go swimming. Unfortunately I was pretty distracted by the guys going in and out of my house and getting the AC installed, so I didn’t get a picture of all the girls. Maria didn’t last long in the pool, but she did go in for a little bit!

Today we were up early and went to church. We left early too, because no one was in the nursery and Maria just didn’t want to be quiet. This afternoon, I met up with a group of friends from camp. It was fun to catch up with everyone even if we did get a little rained on!

It seems like Maria is doing something new every few hours these days! Here are a few from this weekend:

  • Crawling all the way up the stairs!
  • Crawling up on top of her picnic table
  • Leg up on the side of the tub (ready to crawl up and in) — do you see a theme here?
  • Trying to pour food from her bowl directly into her mouth
  • Eating sand from her sand table – hopefully that was a one time deal
  • Signing “more” — which she just pretty much signs now whenever she is hungry, and it looks more like she’s calling a time-out!
  • Crawling in the grass without crying – grass kind of freaks her out
  • Pointing to her nose when we asked her where it was (that was new, also knows belly, toes/piggies, and tongue)
  • Noticeably walking around furniture now
  • Making kissy noises. Up until now, kisses have always been with a wide open mouth. She looks like a fish when she does it. Sucks in her cheeks. So cute!





One thought on “Weekend In Review

  1. oh yes, the CRAWLING!! Maggie does this constantly now, makes me so nervous! Though she is getting better about getting down off the couch feet-first/backwards, instead of headfirst, which as you can imagine did NOT work out so well. hehe

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