Still Teething After All these Weeks

Last night was the worst. Yes, the worst. I feel completely stupid about all the complaints I made up through yesterday, because last night was the worst. Maria woke about every 60-90 minutes screaming. Even the 4+ hours we slept together in the recliner. Our teething tablets couldn’t keep her comfortable.  Tylenol lasted an hour.  Motrin lasted an hour.  It was not fun.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that now her nose is running (not sure if it’s due to teething or an unrelated cold).  We’ll see how tonight goes. Did I mention that last night was the worst?

So far, she’s making a LOT of noise in her crib. Not screaming or crying, but just a lot of noise. We’ll see.  I’m guessing it’ll soon end in screams or just her soft singing moans that she does to put herself to sleep.

Wish us all lots of restful sleep!

One thought on “Still Teething After All these Weeks

  1. argh, we just finished three weeks of absolute misery. So I totally feel your pain. Teeth are The Worst Ever. I wish you a good night tonight!!!

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