A Shopping Find – Sandals that fit baby feet!

I found these shoes for Maria several weeks ago, and we LOVE them!  Maria has short squat baby feet. They are kind of shaped like blocks. Really thick and stubby.

Granted, they are so cute, but it made shoes tough to find!  Robeez or the Target version work great, but in the summer months I wanted her feet to breathe a little. Even Stride Rite doesn’t carry a good sandal for a size 3 1/2 wide!  If you’re familiar with baby shoe sizes, that’s small, especially considering Maria is off the charts in height (although down to 80 percentile) in weight.

But then I found these!


You have to love Lands’ End!  They are perfect! Soft leather bottom, which is ideal for a new walker, but with some nice little holes so her little piggies get some air!  Anyway, I thought I’d share in case anyone out there had the same difficulties I’ve had with baby shoes.

Another great thing about Lands’ End is their swim suits! A lot of which can be found at Sears stores now, and anything ordered online can be returned to Sears. Love that! I have a free shipping code that ends in a couple days if anyone is interested… Happy Shopping!

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