Back to Normal?

I think we’re maybe getting back to normal here! Maria has been sick… Ugh.  We’re not exactly sure with what, but we kind of suspect it was/is herpangina.  Basically it is the Hand-Foot-Mouth virus, without the blisters on the hands and feet. What it’s meant for us, is that Maria had trouble sleeping and eating because her throat hurts so much!  Well the eating is slowly getting better, although we’ve been substituting bottle after bottle of formula to get her to take liquids and eat… So now we may have to fight the bottle battle again.  And tonight she went down around 7:30 and I haven’t heard a peep!

I do think we will be skipping out on my cousin’s baby shower tomorrow.  Maria may be contagious a little longer than most kids because she likes to put everything in her mouth, and with a runny nose and excess drool due to a stuffy nose, we’ll keep her and her bodily fluids at home another day!

Anyway, back to the teething? now that we’ve experienced this, bring on the teeth! (well maybe give me a few days to recover!)

One thought on “Back to Normal?

  1. oh MAN!!! The week when Maggie had HFM was seriously the worst week of my life. It was just awful. So I know what you just went through and all I can do is *HUGS* *HUGS* *HUGS*

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