can be annoying

So I subscribe to the Betty Crocker Recipe of the Day feed via Google Reader…  (yeah, gotta have Google Reader for staying up on those blogs, people!!)  AnyHoo.. My mom is a firm believer of if you don’t know how to make it, look it up in your Betty Crocker cookbook. I use mine quite often actually! It’s more convenient when I’m in the kitchen than my trusty internet! But also I love simple, unpretentious recipes.  Enter Mrs. Betty Crocker (she’s married, right?)

But I get so annoyed when the recipe calls for things such as a box of Hamburger Helper, or a pasta salad calls for a box of Suddenly Salad.  I’m looking for a recipe. If I was going to cook out of a box, I’d just follow the directions on the box of Hamburger Helper! I know I’m the one who makes every cake starting with a mix… but a cake mix is a step above Suddenly Salad. If you think otherwise, I apologize if I’ve offended.

There. My miscellaneous unimportant rant of the day is done.

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