Big Girl

New things about Maria:

  • Her feet have grown almost 2 sizes since early May. Poor girl, no wonder her feet had marks after I put her in those old shoes last week! We got 2 new pair at Stride Rite on Saturday! The saleswoman said her feet are pretty small for her age, which means they must be really small for her size, since she is way above average in height and weight.
  • She signs “more” for everything.  More Outside. More Slide. More Momma. More Stroller. More stories. And of course, more Milk!
  • She now has 6 teeth showing. 3 on top and 3 on the bottom. But she keeps sticking her fingers way in her mouth (and gagging herself), so we’re thinking possibly her molars?
  • She is tough. Yesterday, she got bonked in the head with a recorder (yes, the musical instrument), and the crying only lasted about a minute. Of course, she is still easily distracted with a sippy cup or a ball!

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