Vacation and Catch-Up

Well, if you missed me, it was because we were on vacation, and I don’t like to announce that to the whole world for reasons like this. Anyway, we went to Luther Park for family camp. My parents were also there, and my brother’s family joined us later in the week. We went to family camp as kids and as many of you probably know, I worked there in college.

It was a great week, but by the end, Maria and I were ready to be home. Chad left on Wednesday night, and as the week went on, Maria got more and more tired. She napped twice a day while we were there, and went down pretty consistently and without much fuss. I was impressed considering she just had her pack’n’play!

But mealtimes were hard. I think she was a little off dining with probably around 100 people in one big dining hall! And she didn’t like her “bible study” group either. I think it was all new, and then I left her with people she didn’t know.   Things she did love though: the slide, the pool, and her cousins!!  And apparently her pack’n’play, since she whimpered “nigh nigh” when I packed it up on Friday morning!

We got home early Friday afternoon, and spent the rest of the afternoon laying low before going to bed early!

Saturday, she and I ran some errands, and she took 2 naps in the afternoon, before we all headed to friends’ baby shower. Maria was a trooper and stayed out past 8. Even after taking a recorder to the face, she was going strong. May have had something to do with the juice boxes and watermelon she discovered!

Today, our friend Karin and Jackson stopped by on her way home. We hung out and had lunch. Maria and I ran some errands this afternoon, and then all of us went to the park. All in all a nice week, and unfortunately tomorrow is back to the grind!

Some pictures:

Dirty Face

Maria and Daddy




Beth & Maria

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