We had a great weekend. On Friday, Maria and I stayed home. She had her 15 month portraits in the morning. They went well, and we got some cute poses that capture her 15-month personality!

We also went for a walk in the afternoon. We checked out a garage sale and got some puzzles. Also met the people holding the garage sale who have a little girl just 6 months older than Maria and they only live a block over. So hopefully we will see them again soon!

We also went to the park! One of Maria’s favorite places!

Yesterday (Saturday) Grandma and Grandpa came over in the afternoon. That was very fun too! Grandma took Maria for a walk, and Maria got a chance to show off lots for G&G, including dancing, talking, and kicking her ball!

Today, we played in the backyard and visited with the neighbors. Our neighbor Nancy suggested we check out the Heart of the City which has a wading area sometime. Well we came home and got Daddy and our swimsuits, and went right away! It was a lot of fun, and we will definitely be going back! The water is treated, so it’s safe to swim in and there were lots of other kids. Much easier for a quick swim rather than setting up our pool in the back!  The best part was finishing up at the ice cream shop right across the street!

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