Weekend and Catchup

We spent the weekend at Ruttger’s for my company’s summer outing.  It was a nice weekend, and so much more fun than last year. Last year, I was still fairly new to the company, plus I was on maternity leave, plus somewhat immobilized with a 3 month old to care for!  This year I hardly felt immobile! We were definitely on the move!

The ride up to Ruttger’s was not fun, but Maria was plenty tired coming home on Sunday, so she slept most of the way.

Monday, we went to Como Zoo and met up with Maria’s cousins, Jana & Luke.  We then stopped and visited Grandpa and Grandma (Chad’s parents) on the way home.  She napped all the way home (with a detour for longer nappage), plus then played in her crib for an extra hour without fuss!

Today Maria was back to daycare, and I was back to work. She looked especially cute in her tie-dye that she made at camp, but this picture was taken at the worst time of the day, right when we’re home from daycare and starving! Plus, I wouldn’t let her hold the camera.  She’s got a lot of smiles, but not always!

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