The Convention

Tonight was the first night I tuned into the Democratic National Convention.  I saw Clinton speak.  He was nice enough to remind me that it’s been 16 years since the country elected a “young, inexperienced” president.  16 years since I was a freshman in college. 16 years since I first had the privilege of voting. 16 years since my roommate and I changed our answering machine message with the background music of “proud to be an American”… and then proceeded to make comments about the Democrats controlling the white house, senate, and the house.  Hmmm… But I must say Beau Biden’s introduction of his father was very touching, and I’m excited to learn more about Joe Biden.

Now what I’m not excited about.  NEXT WEEK?  That would be the Republican National Convention. I’m not sure I would even know it was next week, if it wasn’t happening 15 miles from my home. I’ve already been told that next week, no training will be scheduled at work. Meetings should not be scheduled after 1 pm. And several entrances to buildings that I need to access for work will be closed.  Restaurants will be closed for private parties. Buses will be re-routed and most likely “off schedule” And I only work in Minneapolis, not St. Paul where the convention takes place.  But they are expecting 45,000+ people in the metro area and Minneapolis is where Sen. McCain will be staying. I am wondering how much life in the suburbs will be affected? Should I stockpile bottles of water, cans of food, and rolls of duct tape? To hear some people talk, you’d think that would be logical. (I know it’ll be a pain, but not impossible0 I’m wondering if the no-tell motel up the street is booked? I wonder how busy our neighborhood Hooters will be next week. I’m just thankful I don’t have to deal with the airport and that I live in the suburbs, hopefully that will provide some relief!

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