Maria’s Latest

It’s so crazy how much Maria picks up these days.  She’s definitely got an imagination and is a little imitator!

  • plays with a whisk and a bowl = Making Eggs!
  • picks up the handheld broom and dustpan and sweeps, although she prefers the big broom!
  • makes “vroom vroom” noises with her car.
  • loves to push around her very loud lawnmower.
  • says “da da” and bounces (while standing or in her high chair) = wants a dance party. We LOVE this CD. and I bet we listened to it 15 times this weekend
  • loves anything with Elmo!  including sitting on the kitchen floor, pointing at the TV (turned off) and yelling “El-mo”.  She also points to the TV to be picked up, so she can kiss Elmo.
  • carries around paper bags with nothing inside them.
  • picks up a bag and says “buh-bye” and goes to the top of the stairs and points at the door.

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