Weekend Wrap-Up

Last week just went by in a crazy fog. Chad was out of town, and I worked short days at work to do daycare drop-off and pick-up. I was lucky and Maria was an excellent sleeper every night, and went down early, so I could get more work done in the evening.

Friday, I didn’t work, since she had her 15 month wellness appointment. It went very well! The doctor says she seems very happy and healthy. Her 15 month stats: 34″ tall (off the charts – height of an average 24 month old) and 25# 2oz. (80th percentile).  She also had a couple shots, which weren’t fun for either of us. I think it’s worse as she gets older, because she is more aware of who and what is happening. 😦

Friday night, Chad surprised us and caught the early flight home. He arrived right as I was reading stories to Maria, so she ended up staying up a little later.

Saturday, I barely remember what we did. A lot of cleaning, I know that. We also checked out a park in Prior Lake that Chad discovered on a motorcycle ride a couple weeks ago.  Maria did not nap well and did not go down well. She really fought it. And I went in several times, but she did not want to rock. We finally soothed her with some pacifiers. One in her mouth (the Nuk brand), and 1 in each hand. The next day, she woke up congested, but was still liking the Nuk.  (She hasn’t taken a pacifier much since she found her thumb over a year ago!)

Sunday, Maria and I got up early (she woke up extremely congested) and went to Target and let Chad sleep in.  Chad’s parents came over to get some Maria time. We had steaks, chicken, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and homemade ice cream with berries. Yum! Again Maria did not go down well, and only had 2 short naps of which the 2nd one she woke up crying. Something was going on, she was not feeling well.

Today, Maria slept until 8, which was pretty good. We had waffles for breakfast. She played for a little while, but then went down at 9:30 for a nap.  I went out to run some errands and was surprised when I got home at noon that she was still asleep! She was down for probably about 3 hours total.  Not bad! We headed to the park with the wading stream this afternoon, and then she went down for another nap after. I woke her up at 5, so we didn’t completely blow her bedtime.  Hopefully these successful naps mean she’s on the upswing from whatever was bugging her this weekend!

That’s it. Long, I know.

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