Our Little Sweetie/Stinker

Sweetie Moment:

Yesterday I stayed home with Maria since she was fighting a tough cold.  And soon after Chad left for work I realized I was missing my wallet from my purse.  Checked the cars and decided I needed to go to work to see if it was there locked in my desk.  Well it was, and while we were talking to some co-workers Maria found my access badge for work. I had it on a retractable clip on my jeans and it has my picture on it. She pulled it down to look at it, and then said “Mama” and pointed to my picture.. And if that wasn’t cute enough. She then took both hands pulled the badge to her face and kissed my picture!  She did it several times while we were there. So sweet!

Stinker moment:

Maria wanted to play in the bathroom with the roll of toilet paper and the garbage can.  I picked her up and took her out, set her down, shut the door, and she took off running (Yes she can run!).  Chad immediately realized where she was going – the master bathroom!  Well of course she was not happy to be kicked out of both!

One thought on “Our Little Sweetie/Stinker

  1. HAHA I’m laughing because the bathroom thing is TOTALLY something Maggie would do. These little stinkers are SMART.

    Maggie does the kissing-the-picture thing, only with Daddy. Apparently Mommy isn’t worthy 😉 I have this little thing on my keychain with a picture of Dan and me (from like 10 yrs ago!) and she loves opening it and saying “Daddy!” and giving it a kiss. *melt* Too cute.

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