Fall Weekend

It really felt like fall this weekend!  Temperatures were mostly in the 60s and low 70s during the day, but in the 50s over nights.  Not bad, just seems so early!

We had a nice weekend! Seems long again. I only worked Tues and Wed last week. I was home with Maria on Thursday. On Friday she went back to daycare and I checked out an outlet mall about 40 minutes from our house. It was nice. Maria got some nice things and so did I!  Chad also got a Badger fleece vest, so we all came out with something!

Saturday we went to the Burnsville Firemuster FireTruck parade. Due to Maria’s nap, we only saw the very end, but I’m not sure she really would have enjoyed the whole parade. Especially when they were running the sirens and honking the horns.  Maria and I also headed out for a walk and met some neighbors who live behind us.

Maria kept her sunglasses on for an entire walk!

Today (Sunday), I made a birthday cake for cousin Elizabeth, who turned 2 yesterday! (Which means it’s been 2 years since we found out I was pregnant, yikes!)  She wanted Hello Kitty, so I just copied the Kitty on the invite to the top of a 3-layer checkerboard cake! It turned out really good, if I do say so myself!  We headed to the party after Chad got to watch a little football (a little = 3 hours, but not as much as he’d like!) Elizabeth loved the cake and it was a great party. 6 kids all together!  Now more football! 🙂

Elizabeth got a new umbrella for her birthday.

The Birthday Girl and her Cake

Maria liked the cake too!

The Birthday Girl and all her cousins
(Andrew, Will, Alison, Maria, Katelyn, and Elizabeth)

Maria and Beth saying Goodbye

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