Another Weekend and Another Cake

We had a nice weekend! I spent Friday shopping by myself and then watched Baby Mama after Maria went to sleep.

Saturday Chad was up early golfing and Maria and I went out for breakfast and ran a couple errands. Maria was up early (6am) on Saturday, so I got up, gave her a bottle, and then she went back to sleep, so when she woke up at 8, she wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t feed her… Oops, I remembered when we went out to run errands, so we stopped at Perkins for some breakfast. It was kind of fun for us!  Needless to say though breakfast took longer than I hoped, so we cut the errands short, because there is only so much time I have with her being happy in a stroller or high chair!

Sunday we were up early again. Maria and I made a quick run to Home Depot, and then when we got home Chad was heading out to Golf Galaxy, so instead of unbuckling Maria he just took her with him.  I don’t think he has taken her on any errands by himself for awhile, so he got to experience shopping with a toddler.  A toddler who yells “Ba” at every balloon she sees! And a toddler who likes to hide in clothes racks! And a toddler who loves to say hi to the baby in the mirror!

We also went to our niece Jana’s birthday party on Sunday. I again was in charge of the cake! This time we took on Barbie!!  Check her out! Oh. and we also discovered another word that Maria knows… the minute she saw the cake at the party she yelled “Barbie. Barbie. Barbie” – clear as day!!!  Apparently the other girls at daycare play with Barbies, because she didn’t learn that from us!

That’s a real Barbie in there!

Jana, the Birthday girl and her cake

Luke, Grandma, and Maria

Maria was happy to help eat cake!

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