Germs Germs Go Away

Maria is sick again. When Chad picked her up from daycare on Friday they informed him that she had had 6 messy diapers. Not normal for her at all!

She went down easy to bed that night, but it only lasted 45 minutes. She was then up until about 10 pm, but was in fact quite a ham for Anne who came over to hang out with me.

Saturday morning after getting up a couple times with her, we had to wake her up for a 5K walk we had signed up for. After that we went to Chad’s parents for lunch and so Maria could nap. We then headed to a birthday party for a little bit. Maria went back to Grandma’s while Chad and I headed out to another party with friends.  When I picked her up at 8, she was still going strong!!  Maybe it was the Elmo shirt she was wearing?

But she didn’t sleep well. She and I slept in the recliner for several hours, and then she was up a few more times.  She was waking up with her coughing or stuffy nose, so a few minutes in the rocking chair and she went back down, but still, we were getting up.

Today napping was rough. She is just having trouble breathing when she’s laying down. Poor girl!

But in other news, she has expanded her vocabulary by a couple more words including Beth (her cousin) and rock (as in rocking chair).  And I can see a molar in the back upper left side.  So molars on top of a miserable cold… poor girl! And poor Mommy… Oh and Chad has the cold now too, so Daddy is miserable too!

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