Those Who Save Us

I just finished reading Those Who Save Us, by Jenna BlumI really enjoyed it. Again, historical fiction taking place during WWII. It is a story about how a mother survives World War II and saves her child living in Germany.  The story is not happy and not even that inspiring, but she did what she needed to do.  The second side of the story is her daughter who later grows up to be a history professor concentrating on German WWII history without even knowing or fully remembering their life during the war.

I really enjoyed this one from the beginning and was eager to pick it up each time again. And really would have been a good book club read.  Lots of discussion possiblities!

One thought on “Those Who Save Us

  1. jane,

    i’m reading a great book. the Bible. its about our family history and the neat part is it talks about our future. you should take a break from all those Oprah novels and check out the Book of Life.


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