Fighting Sleep

Maria has been fighting bedtime pretty consistently. It’s exhausting! I feel like it’s because she’s overtired. BUT then she seems to have so much energy.

Every night I come home resolved to get her fed and in bed if she’s showing signs of being tired. Unfortunately Chad is often getting home from work by the time she’s just been fed, and then I feel like it’s unfair to take away his time with her. And then there is a part of me, that knows I’m probably looking for signs of sleepiness, because I have more time to myself when she sleeps.  Of course when I wonder that, I feel horrible… So somewhere around 6:30 the fight begins.

It used to be I could read her anywhere from 1-7 stories and she’d go down without a fuss, but about a month ago, she got smart.  She asks for Daddy, unless he’s putting her down, then she’ll ask for Mommy. She asks for a ba-ba (bottle) or anything that will get her out of the room. I have no idea if this is related to her getting her molars.  It seems to all have started when she showed significant signs of teething.

All I know is that I can spend up to 2 hours trying to rock her every night. Of course every few nights there are the nights where she goes down no problem, and we see a light, but then the next night it’s right back to where we started.

She also has a “lovey” and if she’s really unhappy she throws it out of her crib.  Right now, is the 3rd time I’m listening to her cry herself to sleep.  Although right now she’s not crying. She is throwing a full out tantrum. Shaking her crib, and screaming. I’m pretty sure she’s thrown stuff out of the crib.

All I know is it sucks, and I’m wondering how to maintain my sanity to get through this phase.

OK. she just stopped.  that was only 10 minutes… but 10 minutes after trying to get her to settle down for an hour… oh and there she started again… ugh… seriously…

One thought on “Fighting Sleep

  1. Maggie went through this off and on all summer. I think it’s a milestone/age thing. The last few weeks have been a lot better (with the occasional rough night if she was overtired!) Plus they get smart with the bedtime ‘games’ 😉 But I TOTALLY feel your pain. I don’t really have any advice- we tried everything and it was just a matter of waiting it out… all I can say is ‘this too shall pass.’ It’s rough, I know *hugs*

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