Daylight Savings Day Challenge

Unfortunately we knew Maria wouldn’t understand Daylight Savings Time, but we were prepared!

Last night Grandma and Grandpa babysat while we went out to celebrate our anniversary, and they managed to keep her up about 90 minutes past her normal bedtime, so she slept a little later (7:30 am with the time change).

After she got up, we played, ate, and took a bath.  I then took her to Kohl’s for an errand. She was very good, but I’m sure it helped that I bought her a book – Potty Time With Elmo.   We then went to the Mall of America for a quick stop at New York & Co., but we got there early before the stores opened – on purpose.  There are still plenty of people around, but I knew I could probably keep Maria occupied by letting her run around on her Teddy Bear backpack harness. We haven’t used it much, but she loved running and she didn’t ever try to go very far, because I think she realized she couldn’t. She loved it!  While she was running around she scored some Moose antlers and met a Shark (not a real one, just a promotional one).  I wish I had taken a camera!

By the time we were mostly all the way around (and to NY & Co), she was ready to sit in the stroller and have a cookie and juice.  I got in and out without much fussing.  Chad made lunch for us, so it was ready when we got home, and then she went right down for her nap.

We’re pretty proud of ourselves! Yesterday she went down for a nap before 11, and today she made it until noon with the time change!! Yeahh!!!

P.S.  It’s NaBloPoMo.  I’m going to attempt it this year!

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