Not Quite Better

Maria’s spirits are definitely better than earlier this week. Her appetite too.  BUT her sleeping is not!  It’s like she’s laughing at us, because she’s done sleeping this week!  Last night and tonight she’s fought it! Even though she said “nigh nigh” to me when I picked her up at daycare at 4:30!

One thing that seemed to calm her for a while tonight while rocking and laying in her crib was rubs. In fact she kept saying “more more” whenever I would stop.  That is a trait she gets from her father!

The other thing that finally clinched it tonight was one of her Praise Baby CDs in her CD player. I told her I’d play music if she laid down, so she went right down. I started the music and then rubbed her back and legs for a little bit, and now she’s been quiet for about 30 minutes… The music should be ending (sleep timer) any minute, so wish us luck!!!

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