18 months old

Maria is 18 months old today!

I have to agree with our pediatrician. She is more little girl than baby now!

The fact that she speaks using phrases is just crazy. Her favorite and most used is “Daddy, are you??”   and in the bath tub it’s “blow bubble”.

She puts Elmo in her high chair to feed him and shares her pacifier with him.  She tucks Elmo and her babies in to go “nigh nigh” in their cradle.  And she adores books, especially flap books and of course, anything Elmo!

She has something new every day. and I can’t believe how fast it is all going by!

2 thoughts on “18 months old

  1. oh Elmo, how I love and hate you 🙂 He keeps Maggie occupied while I cook dinner and do some work here and there… but THAT VOICE. AND THE SINGING. hehe

  2. its crazy how they change from a baby to a toddler like that! they are just so much fun at this age though! i think it’s my favorite. i hate elmo- thankfully nolan hasn’t really took a likening to him (yet). he is just loving pop up books right now. he sat in my lap for 20 minutes the other day while we read the same two over and over again. it was so precious! when are we gonna get these two together again???

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