Not my kind of Shopping!

I spent today shopping, but mostly not fun shopping!  I had my oil changed this morning, and they informed me that I need new tires.  Unfortunately I really only need them because it could snow any day!  If it was May, I’d have a few months… dang!  So I went out and did some comparison shopping. Chad helped by checking things (reviews,options, etc) online for me while I was out and about.

On the up side of my tire shopping, I did run into my friend Travis from high school. We only live a mile or 2 from each other, but haven’t seen each other since before I was pregnant!  I think I may have convinced him that facebook isn’t just for 13 year olds any more!

Another cool finding of the day, after deciding that Discount Tires was the best deal, I found that I could order and schedule my appointment all online!  I love websites that really make sucky stuff convenient!

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