Thanksgiving Preparations

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! A smaller crowd than 2 years ago, but still about 12 people.  Today I plan on starting some of the shopping, so I’m thinking about the menu.  Of course, my guests (parents & in-laws) are all helping, but I’m doing the core.  It’s kind of stressful, but I love it. And I get to use my new cookbook (a birthday gift): America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook

So here’s my menu:

oh.. and the day after my mom and I are making Lefse!!!

and the day after that, is Chad’s birthday and I have to make Banana Cream Supreme!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Preparations

  1. 🙂 Hope you love your bday gift: America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook — I have that one and the baking one. Both xcellent books!

    And happy belated bday!

    We’re having a small affair for the holidays next month – a small house filled w/ Marines 😛

    d.c. jen

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