Busy Weekend

Yesterday, first thing after breakfast and getting everyone ready was heading to Great Clips for a haircut… Nope, not Chad, not myself, but Maria!! Yes – her first haircut. And if I didn’t think she looked like a baby before, she certainly looks even more like a toddler with her hair all trim! She wasn’t a fan of a strange lady playing with her hair, until she gave her a s-u-c-k-e-r. shhh… she loves them now! And only got upset again when she realized she couldn’t try another flavor!

Chad was also helping his parents with some things most of the day, so Maria and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. So the reality of that was that she wasn’t very hungry for dinner, because she got a LOT of snacks in the cart to keep her occupied while I dealt with the swarms and swarms of people at the store the weekend before Thanksgiving!

Today was Chad’s turn to stay home. I left home around 10:30 and headed to Hudson to spend the day with Sarah! Yes, that’s correct. We left our babies with their fathers (although Maria’s Grandma came over to help her daddy – although apparently Miss Lilah was an excellent napper for hers!) We started the day with a late brunch at San Pedro’s and then went on the Hudson Christmas Tour of Homes.

It was a great tour. I really enjoyed it. Several of the homes were decorated to the max, and were overdone… (unless you don’t need to use the bathroom during the holiday season) But there were a lot of great ideas! My biggest inspiration is to get my house more put together (i.e. wallpaper removed, furniture purchased, etc) so that maybe next year I can be inspired to upgrade my holiday style too! J

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