Dressing for the Holidays

As much fun as holiday parties and outings are, it’s always a reason to shop!  And it’s kind of fun, but I’m maybe too practical!  I know I can’t wear the same outing year after year to company functions, so I feel like I need something new. BUT I hate to spend a lot of money on something I can wear about 4 times (2 company parties, Christmas, possibly New Year’s depending on plans).  Plus I live in MN and have fair skin, so sleeveless or short sleeves seems just plain cold! But I am feeling good about my finds though for this year.

I found a green sweater dress at Banana Republic on sale for $65.

I then found some cute patent black shoes at endless for $51 (plus 7% back).

I’m feeling pretty good about my purchases. Plus with some different shoes, it will probably work for work wear! Love cute and practical!

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