Turkey Review

Well yesterday was jam packed with preparations and festivities, and I wrecked my streak of posting every day of November! Oh well.

The day started off with cleaning, but I did find some time to scan in some pictures and get some other pictures loaded on our digital picture frame for the day which was fun!

After cleaning, I got the turkey in the oven, sweet potatoes in the crockpot, the potatoes cooked and mashed (with help from Chad) and in the crockpot, and the green bean casserole ready for the oven! My parents arrived while I was still prepping, which was a nice distraction for Maria!

Chad’s parents and his brother’s family also joined us. So we had 11 people in all, although 2 under the age of 2. It was a great afternoon/evening! Everything was delicious and the time with family was great! The kids had a great time. Yesterday it was hard to believe that Maria can be so clingy to me!

Unfortunately dessert was followed shortly by Luke (my 22 month old nephew) throwing up! He threw up again this morning, so it’s starting to look like a bug and not just something he ate. We’re a little nervous, because Maria and Luke were playing all day, including Maria pinning him down under the table! So far, no signs though of her (or any of us others) being sick! I hope your Thanksgiving was as blessed as ours!

Maria wearing one of Mommy’s aprons and her necklace

Our family


Maria taking a break from drumming on her drum

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