Snow, Snow, Snow

We woke up to snow this morning! Not a lot, but enough that the driveway needed to be scraped off. After breakfast, Maria and I headed out to check out the situation.

I got out both of our shovels and we went to work. Maria figured it out pretty quickly, but she learned if she leaned into it too much, she’d end up face down on the driveway! But she was not about to give up and go inside! After the driveway was cleared (and she’d taken 3 falls on her face) I had to bribe her with Elmo on TV to get her back inside! Of course the title of this post, refers to the song we sang outside the whole time we were shoveling – (to the tune of Jingle Bells, as heard on Elmo’s World) Snow, Snow, Snoowww. Snow, Snow, Snoww. Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snooowww.

We may be in for some winter fun this year!!

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