Our Insurance

Last week, we broke down and purchased a little extra insurance for Maria’s future sleep! She has a special giraffe blanket that we call “Lovey”.  She loves Lovey.

Learning from our nephew Luke losing his special blanket last winter and not sleeping for a week, we originally introduced 2 different “Lovey”s. One that travels with us and one that stays at home, but both end up with her at night and naps in the crib.  The idea being that the special one wouldn’t get lost.  And it hasn’t, BUT as she gets older and knows more and more what she wants, it may have to travel more with us, PLUS it’s looking a bit worn.

Soooo, we logged onto eBay.  We found several of the same.  NWT were at least $40!  Now Lovey comes from Target and was probably not more than $10 when new… so you hate to spend that kind of money.  I settled on one that was “Like New Condition”, thinking that meant, someone cut the tags off it, and it decorated a nursery for a couple months. It came very quickly, since it was shipped about 10 miles from here and was exactly as described.  We spent less than $25, and now have a backup. We washed it and swapped it out immediately!  Our new Lovey has some catching up to do in the wear and tear, but Maria loves it all the same!

One thought on “Our Insurance

  1. Mallory only had one ‘lovely’ and so far so good. The nice thing is by the time she was 3 she wasn’t as attached to it any more and if I had to wash it or she didn’t have it she would settle for a different one just fine. With Mykaela I decided to have two blankets and ended up having the same issue. She has to have both blankets to sleep at night…oh well 🙂

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