The Bug Finally Caught Us

We knew it was only a matter of time. And after reading Kelly’s misfortune yesterday, I realized I had never thought Maria might throw up in her crib and never cry. But when I heard her coughing this morning, I thought I was just over-reacting, because Aiden’s story was just stuck in my head! But nope, it wasn’t. Chad called me at work around 8:30 a.m. He had gone in to wake her up and she was asleep in her crib which also had puke in it! Poor girl!

She was in pretty good spirits today, but did throw up twice more. I did get more cuddle time in than normal, and she got more Elmo time than normal.

Right now, she is back in bed for the night (fingers crossed) with only applesauce, graham crackers, and water in her tummy. She was hungry and eyeing up our dinner, and I couldn’t deny her a not-so-empty tummy. Hopefully it stays in the tummy. Although I know from my nephew Luke’s and co-worker’s son’s experiences that there is another progression to this bug, so we’re just anticipating the diapers next… yikes!

Send us some healthy thoughts, we’ve been washing our hands all day, so hopefully the bug doesn’t get Chad or I.

Oh, but yeah, the back-up lovey totally paid for itself today!

3 thoughts on “The Bug Finally Caught Us

  1. oh no! Isn’t it funny how they can be totally unfazed by puking everywhere? Like, oh, what’s that? hm… *shrug* whatever! Elmo time and snuggling gets us through too 🙂 I hope everyone’s doing better soon!!

  2. If it is what my girls had … the big episode of yaking (about 3 within a couple hours) and then they were able to keep everything down the next day. So I hope it is over for Maria just as quickly. Now we just can’t get over the congestion.

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