Well, it was questionable, but we all managed to stay healthy through our Christmas! Unfortunately, our niece Jana woke up on Christmas day throwing up. And we were with Jana the night before, so we’re still waiting to see if we brought it home with us!

But all in all it was a great holiday! We spent Christmas Eve with Chad’s family at his parents’ house. On Christmas Day, his parents came over here. Today we headed to Rochester to spend the day with my family.

Chad and I got a new camera as a present to ourselves. It is a fancy Canon SLR, that’s all I know, but it takes good pictures, so now I need to weed through pictures to find the best to post! Santa (and our families) treated us all to very nice gifts! Maria got an Elmo Live doll (which she is a little unsure of) and a kitchen, plus a plethora of toys, cds, and books. Chad and I also got a docking station for our iPods and several other nice gifts, including a family membership to the Minnesota Children’s Museum!

Maria also finds the holidays so exciting that she is giving up sleeping. But we think that may be due to some new molars that hopefully get here sooner rather than later. Last night she was playing with her teeth and then bit me a couple times, but I don’t think she liked the cashmere sweater in her mouth. And tonight, she stuck her hands in her mouth and gagged herself. And when I asked her where it hurt, she rubbed her jaw right where her molars would be coming in. So I pulled out the Orajel teething swabs, and 10 minutes later she went down. She may even be sleeping now.

Tomorrow my cousins from Nebraska will be here. So we will have a full house and more people for Maria to play with. She is definitely not lacking for attention these last few days!

Maria and cousin Jana

Here Maria is pointing at the letters and spelling out ‘Cuisinart’ on my new waffle iron = spelled ‘A-B-C-D’

Not so sure about this talking Elmo, so she holds him by his eyeballs.

Hamming it up for the camera.

All kinds of new toys, but I’ll play with Mommy and Uncle Mike’s old toys any day!

Beth gave Maria her big Elmo, because she knew Maria would love him more!

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