Resolve To

So I never probably verbalize or document my resolutions. They are usually in my head, which may be part of why they don’t always get accomplished!  So here they both are (in no particular order):

  • Drink less soda – Doubt I can cut it out completely like RA.
    Benefits:  Better for me and for my wallet!  Should inspire me to drink more water!
    Challenges: I love Diet Coke – it might push me even more to coffee when I have that mid-day slump
    Goal and Reward: If I can manage to keep my weekly soda intake down to 1 can at home and 1 at work or meals out (no refills) for a month, then I will finally buy myself a SIGG.
  • Prepping the night before on work nights and nights where we have a.m. plans.
    Benefits: It’s a much better morning if I know what I’m going to wear, if it’s ironed, and if my lunch is packed or if the diaper bag is stocked with snacks, diapers, and toys!
    Challenges: Managing my evening time-wasters (TV, facebook, etc)
    Goal and Reward: For each week, if I manage to do my prep work and eat breakfast before I leave the house every day for a week, I will add $10 to my Starbucks or Caribou card.

Leave your resolution in the comments!

One thought on “Resolve To

  1. You have some good resolutions, Jane! My resolution is to do laundry twice a week instead of leaving it all for Sunday – otherwise it literally takes up my whole day! Lame, but that’s all I’ve got 🙂

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